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Which PE or PVC wrapping film is more suitable for spooling?

PVC wrapping film and PE wrapping film, as wrapping films, sometimes have general functions, such as wrapping wires and bundling small pieces. There are both users who choose PVC wrapping film and users who choose PE wrapping film. In terms of stability, it is stable and will not change the status quo because of the temperature. PE wrapping film wraps the pallet. During the shipping process, the change of temperature will affect its existing properties, and even the plasticizer will be released due to high temperature, causing insects to stick to the pallet.

Capital-wise, it saves. Because its thickness can be 2 filaments, while PE is generally more than 3 filaments, and the specific gravity of other PE wrapping films is lower. Under the same weight, its meters are longer and its stretching function is better than that of PE. It is affordable for the packaging cost of a single pallet.

It must have sufficient strength and resistance; it must have satisfactory viscoelasticity, and the stretched and wrapped film must have a large capacity and hold for a long time without slackening; one-sided or two-sided surfaces have viscous properties , excellent stretchability.