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What are the functions of PE wrapping film

PE stretch film has good flexibility and strong resistance, which can effectively protect the product. In addition, the light transmittance of the pe wrapping film is relatively high, and the product can be clearly displayed, which is very effective for improving work efficiency. The pe wrapping film takes you to see the function of the pe wrapping film.
PE stretch film is not only dustproof, but also waterproof and moistureproof, can effectively protect products, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. PE stretch film is widely used in many industries, such as liquid packaging, building materials, pharmaceuticals and glass bottle packaging.
Secondly, manufacturers of tarpaulins and oxford leather are increasingly inseparable from PE stretch film. Various forms of use such as sealed packaging, full-width packaging, manual packaging, stretch film wrapping machine packaging, horizontal mechanical packaging, and paper tube packaging make PE wrapping film more and more widely used in all walks of life.
In a word, PE stretch film not only has strong shrinkage, but also can play the role of primary protection, compression fixing and cost saving for products.