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Notes on the use of wrapping film

1. It will lead to the phenomenon that customers will break when they use this wrapping film. When packing, pay attention to maintaining the edge so as not to collide, causing the edge to crack and cause quality problems. As long as there is a little crack, this is also a rare customer report. The problem, can not have burrs.
2. If the cut is neat and uneven, it cannot be shipped as waste, including the two ends must be rolled up neatly when making the goods, and the broken edge should be cut neatly, not more here than there is less.
3. Minimize the outer folds at both ends and the red pressed lines in the middle, which will seriously affect the aesthetics.
4. One side cannot be long and the other side is short. The standard of blank space on both sides is about 1 cm. The paper tubes must be aligned.
5. The die head should be washed cleanly, without black impurities, and no charred plastic will fall into it. If it can be found by the naked eye, it must be removed immediately.