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What are the relevant knowledge introductions of Hand Use Stretch Film?

Hand Use Stretch Film is typically used for lower capacity packaging operations that have slower turnaround times. This film is also ideal for workers who may not have the skills to apply machine wraps properly or for small applications that don't require a large amount of wrapping.

Hand Applied Stretch Film is a great alternative to machine wraps and offers many benefits including; faster and more efficient wrapping, reduced packaging material costs, safer application and more secure loads. Robopac stocks a wide variety of hand applied film types, gauges and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Pre-Stretch Film:
A pre-stretch film is a multi-layer thinner and stronger stretch film that undergoes stretching prior to being wrapped on products or pallets. These films are stronger, stable and consistent which reduces waste.

Coloured Film:
A variety of colour stretch film options are available for a range of purposes, from process differentiation to product coding and theft protection. They are puncture resistant, offer excellent film clarity and provide two-sided cling.

Blown Film:
A blown stretch film is a more expensive option that has the best tear resistance but offers less holding power than cast or pre-stretch films. They also tend to create more noise when the reels unwind.

Cast Film:
A cast film is made by feeding a polymer through a straight die and typically less expensive than alternatives. It has a higher level of film clarity than blown films and is a good choice for securing shipments that have sharper edges or regular boxes.