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Different Types of Stretch Film Roll?

A Stretch Film roll is a type of packaging film that can be used to wrap and secure boxes, bundle packages, or protect carpet and vinyl cuts. The rolls are available in different gauges and thicknesses for use with specific applications.

Cast Stretch Wrap (CST)- This type of stretch film is produced by a continuous extrusion process where molten plastic is pumped through a flat die, quenched, and then re-solidified into the cooled layer of material we know as stretch film. The result is a product that offers excellent clarity, requires less force to stretch, increased tear resistance, unwinds quietly from machines, and has a superior cling.

Machine Stretch Film (MSF) - This type of stretch film is applied by machine and can be used to wrap taller pallet loads, or for larger boxes that have irregular shapes. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses for application with specialized stretch wrapping machinery.

Hand Stretch Film (HSF) - This type of stretch film has a smaller width than the machine version and can be hand applied by workers to pallets. This product is best for lower capacity packaging operations and slower turnaround times.

Colored Stretch Film - This type of stretch film is great for specific packaging applications such as warehouse color coding, international shipments or date inventory. It is also puncture resistant, comes off the roll smoothly and quietly, and stays transparent.

This type of film is ideal for securing heavy loads such as steel or metal. The heaviest gauges of these types of films are often used for wrapping beverage pallet loads, buckets of paint, liquids and dry goods, wire reels and other industrial products.