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Operation procedure of automatic pallet winding and packaging machine for round pallets

The pallet winding packaging machine, also known as pallet winding machine, is a kind of equipment for back channel packaging of goods, which can wrap and package the goods of box, square pass, cement bag, construction material and other types to facilitate the handling of goods and prevent them from damage, moisture and humidity during the handling process. According to the structure and function of the equipment, it can be divided into stretch-blocking pallet winding and packaging machine, pre-stretch pallet winding and packaging machine, press-top pallet winding and packaging machine, automatic on-break pallet winding and packaging machine, and in-line pallet winding and packaging machine.

Disc tray automatic winding packaging machine operating procedures
1, turn on the power and check whether the limit switches are normal, then press the manual button for a few seconds and let the machine idle for a few turns to check whether the parts are running normally.
2, in the confirmation of the shuttle gap down, the materials to be packaged into the feed trolley on top of the two rubber wheels.
3, adjust the four clamping wheels: manually adjust the spacing between the four clamping wheels and materials, so that the four clamping wheels near the material on both sides, but do not clamping materials, so as not to turn the material inflexible and easy to cut the packaging belt.
4, adjust the upper side clamping hand wheel: before pressing the feed switch, the upper side clamping hand wheel must be adjusted so that the spacing between the two wheels is greater than the width of the material.
5, adjust the shuttle wheel: adjust the height of the shuttle wheel device, so that the material entity part in the center of the shuttle wheel to ensure smooth operation of the machine and packaging quality.
6、Parameter setting: call out the parameter setting screen, and set according to the width and size of the steel coil and the sparseness of the winding. The machine will automatically calculate the packing running time and the length of the paper tape.
7、Wearing packing tape: guide the packing tape head to first wind down the small wheel on the storage device, then go through the cutting device, and then wind up (or down) the small wheel to guide the packing tape to wind around the material upwards along the clockwise direction for one week, and press the tape head.
8, operation: press the automatic start button for a few seconds, the packaging machine will automatically run to complete a series of actions such as packaging, cutting the tape, parking.
Wrapping packaging machine features: intelligent program settings, can set their own packaging requirements according to the work requirements to complete the wrapping work; stretching ratio 1:3, saving consumables; slow start and slow stop device, stepless speed regulation; turntable positioning start, turntable automatic reset to ensure accurate positioning of the tray, easy to load and unload; photoelectric switch detection device, using advanced electric eye switch, automatic monitoring of the height of the package; automatic protection function. Good safety; selective operation, automatic and manual operation can be selected according to work requirements.