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Is the thicker stretch film the better?

Stretch film is a kind of packaging material in the packaging industry. In the logistics industry, it can wrap the goods tightly for easy transportation, and has good anti-loose, rain-proof, dust-proof and anti-theft functions. The thickness of the stretch film is mainly confirmed by the packaging intention and the shelf life of the product, and then the rationality of the design of the stretch film packaging is verified according to the thickness of the material and the theoretical shelf life of the designed packaging according to another packaging intention.

The thicker wrapping film has lower viscosity. The viscosity of stretched stretch film is its own characteristic. In production, excessively thick stretch film made of plasticizers such as DOV has different requirements in the production process, and the production formula should also be changed, so that It will reduce the self-adhesion of the stretched film, and also reduce its overall quality.

For example, the common hand-wound film on the market has a thickness of 0.02mm, and the conventional thickness of the machine-use film is 0.025mm. For every 0.01mm increase in thickness, the mechanical film of the film will decrease by about 5%.