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How Do You Properly Store Single-Side Bopp Adhesive Tape?

Single-Side Bopp Adhesive Tape

The shelf life of adhesive tape products varies per product but the primary factor that affects their shelf life is the tape's composition: the adhesive system, carrier, covering liner (if used) and storage conditions. It is best to understand each tape's characteristics and apply a few key storage practices that will give you the most for your investment in tapes.

Temperature and Humidity
When storing your tape, it is important to keep it cool and dry. The ideal temperature is 70 deg F with 50% relative humidity.

Light and Heat
The chemistry of the adhesive can change when exposed to direct sunlight, heat or extreme cold. The adhesive can thin out, ooze or become brittle, which can cause it to fail to adhere.

Using the proper packaging is essential to keeping Single-Side Bopp Adhesive tape fresh and ready for use. Wrapping the tape in plastic until it is needed can help reduce dust and dirt that could interfere with adhesion or make it smudge or tear easily.

Rotation and Stacking
Proper rotation of your tapes will allow them to last longer, especially in large quantities. This will also help to avoid any damage caused by crush and bending of your tapes during transport.

Silicone Rings
Adding silicone rings to rolls of tape can prevent them from seeping together and gluing together, making it easier to separate and use the tape. They can also prevent the adhesive from leaking out of the end.