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What is the introduction knowledge of Packing Tape Roll?

Packing tape roll (sold as a single roll) offers strength, durability, and great tear and abrasion resistance for your packing needs.

You can find gummed packing tape in various grades based on the weight of the boxes that it seals. This is especially good for heavy-weight cartons or boxes that need reinforcement to keep them from collapsing during transport.

Gummed packing tapes are water-activated, which means that the paper backing becomes tacky after being moistened. It's an easy, environmentally friendly way to secure boxes and keep them sealed.

They can be difficult to remove, but they provide a strong security measure for sensitive items. They're often printed on with text to indicate the contents of a box and to alert consumers of tampering or adulteration. They're also resistant to peeling. They're a great option for companies that want to maintain their brand identity on packages. Lastly, they can be a great way to ensure that customers aren't receiving duplicates of their orders.