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What are the knowledge points of PE Slitting Stretch Film?

PE Slitting Stretch Film
Product Transportation industry requires a durable and waterproof film, which can be widely used as the packaging material of goods. This film has good tensile strength, large elongation, high transparency, and excellent self-adhesion, making it suitable for securing the stacked products on pallets.

PE Slitting Stretch Film
The PE slitting film, also known as elastic film or wrapping film, is a plastic film that has adhesive on one or both sides which stretches and wraps the packaged items tightly, thus making them not easy to fall off. This type of film is widely used as the packaging material of goods, especially in the logistics industry.
There are many types of PE slitting stretch film such as anti-static, color coding, international shipping, protective against ultra violet light, product cooling and vented pallet wrap. These special films are available in different widths, gauges and hand grades to meet the specific requirements of various applications.

Cast Stretch Film vs Blown Stretch Film
There is a difference between cast and blown stretch film, and it mainly comes down to the process of stretching the plastic. Generally speaking, blown stretch film is stronger and offers better tear resistance than other wraps. It also has a greater degree of memory when stretched, which means that product loads stay secured once they are wrapped with blown film.
While both cast and blown film are strong and stretchable, blown film is generally the best choice for securing heavy-duty pallet loads as well as achieving loads with pointy edges that may be susceptible to collapsing thinner films. The disadvantages of blown film include a higher cost and poor clarity due to crystallization in the manufacturing process.